Small and medium sized businesses that need ready access to legal advice but can’t afford the typically large legal fees should consider Maguire Legal Subscribe.

We tailor an annual subscription fee at a reasonable price enabling you to access telephone and email advice as and when you need it. You are entitled to join our Maguire Legal Employee Relations Online forum on Linked In, receive regular updates on award rates, Fair Work Commission decisions, superannuation, workplace health and safety, anti-discrimination law and much more.

Subscribe and pay an agreed fee yearly or in monthly instalments to enable you to manage your cash flow.

For industry and professional associations that prefer to outsource advice on employment and workplace relations to its members, we will design an online information hub exclusively for you and keep it updated so that your members will always have access to the best advice, knowledge and support. Management tools such as guides, checklists, policies and procedures to download and use in their businesses would be valuable additions to any service.

This will add value to the range of services provided by professional or industry associations to their members. Employee and workplace relations online can deliver the latest information on rates of pay, award conditions, employment obligations, and best practice advice specifically for your association or industry members.

Contact us to discuss the suitable subscription options and obtain a quote on fees and charges.

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