Fees and Charges

Costs Agreement and Disclosure Statement

We provide all of our clients a written estimate of fees and charges for our legal services in advance of delivering such services. This will normally be provided in the form of a Costs Agreement including a Proposal of Fees & Charges estimating the cost of delivering the particular legal advice or service and a Disclosure Statement explaining the terms and conditions and rights and obligations between you and Maguire Legal if you choose to engage us.

Initial Consultation

The first consultation whether at our offices or over the phone is normally free of charge as we get to know you and the issue that requires attention. Once we have distilled to legal issues we will advise you whether we able to assist you. If so, then we will with your consent prepare the written estimate of fees and charges for your consideration.

Subscribe for Small Business

A popular alternative to traditional legal fees based on the hours and minutes undertaken to deliver the legal service is Maguire Legal Subscribe.

This is a yearly subscription license enabling our small and medium sized enterprise clients to mainly access telephone and email advice as when they need it during the course of the year for a single agreed yearly fee. We will discuss your situation, scope the amount of work that may be required and prepare a proposal of fees and charges for your consideration. Clients that choose to sign up to the service can choose whether to pay the agreed subscription fees and charges at the beginning of the year, or pay monthly instalments so as to best manage their cash flow.

Please contact us to discuss the circumstances of your organisation and decide whether Maguire Legal Subscribe is suitable for your business.

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