Understanding the business environment in which you operate is crucial to legal and business advice Smart decisions depend on access to quality data, whether that be salary and wage benchmarks, business metrics, workplace planning, legal precedents and regulatory standards or simply measuring staff engagement. Maguire Legal will research, analyse, report and recommend strategies or options suitable to the issue of interest to your organisation.

We partner peak national and professional organisations to design and deliver industry wide surveys on topics of interest to members, such as remuneration and human resource management performance benchmarks. We will design surveys to address the specific interest of the employer or industry, conduct the survey for you, analyse the results and provide a comprehensive report.

The data from surveys can be made even more valuable when we create effective and easy to use benchmarking tools that will allow individual employers to assess their performance against industry competitors.

Contact us for further information on the ways and means Maguire Legal Research can assist your business or organisation.

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