Employee relations online

For businesses and peak organisations that want information accessible at any time for members or clients, we can develop and maintain a range of online products specifically for your association or industry members.

Employee relations information online

We will design a web page exclusively for you and keep it updated so that your members will always have the best information. Management tools such as guides, checklists, policies and procedures to download and use in their businesses would be valuable additions to any service.

This product will add value to the range of services provided by professional or industry associations to their members. Employee relations online can deliver the latest information on rates of pay, award conditions, employment obligations, and best practice advice specifically for your association or industry members. It is the most effective and cost efficient means of delivering human resource information to your members. Take the tour and see what employee relations online can offer your business

Surveys and benchmarking tools

Current human resource management benchmarks on employee demographic profiles, attitudes, qualifications and remuneration is invaluable to the employer or industry body that is serious about workforce planning. Maguire Consulting will design surveys to address the specific interest of the employer or industry, conduct it for you, analyse the results and provide a comprehensive report. The information from surveys can be made even more valuable when we create effective and easy to use benchmarking tools that will allow individual employers to assess their performance against industry competitors.