Business management

Does your business need some help as it grows?

Aligning your daily business activities with your business objectives, deciding on the best organisational structure, or ensuring your staff are actively engaged in your business with your business goals, is difficult to manage as you grow.

People and Practice is our business improvement framework designed to support growing businesses manage the transition to larger, and more profitable operations. We do this by evaluating your business systems; identify improvements and mapping a strategy to align your business processes, practices and people management.

Maguire Consulting will work with you through practical strategic planning and organisational development measures designed to guide your activities and make the best use of your time and resources. We work with your key people to implement the strategy. Review and report on progress at each milestone, and evaluate the success of the strategy once it has been fully implemented.

We can also link growing businesses to additional resources, specialist advice and infrastructure. We can even set up your basic bookkeeping system or manage it for you.